Hybrid Inverters

LED Solar are an official distributor of the UK’s Number 1 selling solar hybrid inverter, Sunsynk.

We stock both single-phase hybrid inverters and three-phase hybrid inverters so you can find the most suitable inverter for your solar pv system. Enquire today to ask any questions you may have regarding our hybrid inverters or to get a price from our team.

LED Solar

What is a solar hybrid inverter?

A solar hybrid inverter is different to a grid tied solar inverter in many ways. Whether you are a solar PV installer or an end user, understanding the benefits of a solar hybrid inverter is important when considering your options.
Solar hybrid inverters combine both a solar PV inverter and a battery inverter in to one compact unit. Hybrid inverters constantly manage the flow of current coming from solar panels, the national grid, battery storage and even wind turbines to divert electricity to where you need it, when you need it.

Our hybrid inverters can be used in many ways depending on your requirements. Sunsynk inverters can be used to power your property during power cuts or even help you become totally off grid (batteries required). Hybrid inverters however are typically paired with solar panels and battery storage to help you get the most savings from your solar pv system. In simple terms the electricity generated from your solar pv is either used by the household immediately or stored in to batteries to be discharged another time. With Sunsynk inverters you can programme the inverter to discharge your batteries at peak times where energy costs from the grid are most expensive, ultimately saving you considerable money over time.

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Our solar hybrid inverters

LED Solar stock single-phase hybrid inverters of sizes 3.6kw, 5.5kw, 8.8kw and 16kw. We also place regular orders for three-phase hybrid inverters rated at 8kw, 10kw and 12kw. More recently we have been working with installers to size large-scale hybrid inverters and battery systems with the new Sunsynk 50kw three phase hybrid inverter. Enquire today to understand stock levels, receive a price and find out more about technical specifications.