Grid Tied Solar Inverters

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LED Electrical have supplied hundreds of grid tied inverters to help homeowners and businesses. Solar grid tied inverters are an essential component in any solar system allowing you to convert electricity to use in your home and to export electricity to the grid.

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How do grid tied solar inverters work?

Grid tied solar inverters are the appliances which convert DC electricity generated by your solar panels to AC electricity which can power your home. Inverters sit within your solar electrical system and solar panels are connected to the inverter with DC cable that connect in to MC4 ports in your inverter. The inverter helps to manage the voltage fluctuations and the flow of electricity experienced when converting DC electricity to AC electricity. Inverters can be single or three phase inverters and are rated as a specific kilowatt.

Inverters can be rated at anything from 0.7kw to 150kw. Sizing an inverter correctly is very important to make sure the inverter can handle the voltages of the solar panels you are connecting to it and the total DC input power going through the inverter. Please speak to our specialist solar team to get help with selecting the right grid tied inverter for you.

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Household Fittings

LED Downlights

LED Downlights are common household fittings used regularly in kitchens and bathrooms offering a flood of light. They can be used to create lighting effects with differing beam angles and colour rendering. Most ranges offer dimmable and non dimmable, adjustable and fixed options. Varying colour and finishes allow you to match your downlight to your colour scheme. LED Electrical have a range of downlights to suit all projects. We also have a whole range of Smart Downlights so your lighting can be controlled via an App on your mobile device.

Fully IP Rated

Outdoor Lighting

LED stock many different types of outdoor lights to fit your lighting needs such as ground lights, decking lights, bollard lights and outdoor wall lights. We can provide a lighting solution for any garden, patio, driveway or outdoor building with our in-house lighting design team. All our outdoor lighting products are fully IP rated to stop water ingress.

Comprehensive Ranges

Commercial Lighting

LED Electrical have a comprehensive range of commercial lighting options to assist in lighting projects involving retail lighting, school lighting and office lighting down to more industrial lighting needs for factories and warehouses. If LED Battens, LED Panels, Non-Corrosives, Fluorescent or Track Lighting plus many more options are required, we can provide the most suitable, high quality commercial luminaire from one of our trusted suppliers. Our in-house lighting design team have years of experience designing and pricing commercial lighting projects.

Ribbon / Tape

LED Strip Lighting

LED Electrical hold good levels of stock of LED strip to suit all types of installation. Whether you need LED strip lights for an external or internal setting, white or RGB we will have LED strip to suit. LED strip light can also be known as LED ribbon and LED tape and it is perfect for under Cupboards, Inside Coving, Under Pelmets, On Stairs, On Steps or on Kickboards. We also have the latest in LED Strip technology with tunable white LED strip lights that can create perfect mood lighting by allowing the white light to be adjusted from 2500K to 6500K.

Finishing Touches

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

LED Electrical also stock many different decorative indoor lights to suit your interiors. We can order any decorative lights from our suppliers so please enquire below if you wish to receive a catalogue that highlights the many options we have available.

Grid Tied Solar Inverters

All our grid tied inverters for your solar installations are:

  • Up to 200% oversizing for DC input
  • Quick and easy to install (wi-fi or ethernet)
  • Built in Type 2 SPD
  • In-built export control function
  • 98% efficiency (market leading)
  • Built in over and under voltage protection
  • Built in ground fault protection
  • Built in DC isolation protection
  • Built in over temperature protection
  • Built in anti-islanding protection
  • 5 year warranty + 5 year parts warranty
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Full range of lighting products

  • Office Lighting
  • Low Energy Lighting  
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Floodlighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Industrial Lo Bay and Hi Bay Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Lamps and Tubes
  • Emergency Lighting