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A solar inverter is an electrical converter which changes the direct current (DC) of electricity captured by your solar panels into alternating current (AC). AC electricity is the usual flow of electricity required for appliances in your home or business. A solar inverter is a mandatory requirement for any solar system in the UK.

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What is a solar inverter?

The size of the inverter that you will require depends on the size of the solar system you are thinking of developing. Although prices can vary a general rule of thumb is the bigger the size of the inverter (in kW) the more expensive.

LED Solar stock a wide range of solar inverters of all sizes ranging from small domestic 3kW PV inverters to large, three-phase solar inverters up to 150kW for industrial solar systems.

We can help you choose the right solar inverter for your system based on budget, size and inverter efficiency. All our inverters are supplied by fully MCS-accredited manufacturers with market-leading warranties.

There are different types of solar inverters. LED Solar stock the two most popular required solar arrays across the UK; string inverters and hybrid storage inverters. 

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String Inverters

String inverters are the most common and oldest form of inverter in the UK. Normally, solar panels are arranged into groups or rows either on the roofs of buildings or on the ground. Each group or row is tied to a ‘string’. Multiple strings can connect to a single inverter which then converts DC electricity to AC electricity. Usually, the bigger the inverter (in kW) the more strings can be connected to it. Some large inverters can be connected to up 12 strings. 

Hybrid Storage Inverters 

LED Solar also stock hybrid storage inverters by Sunsynk – a world leader in solar battery storage solutions. Hybrid storage inverters allow homeowners and businesses to store the excess solar energy they generate in lithium batteries to use at a later point in time. Due to the Government feed-in tariff falling so much in value in recent years, it is much more cost-effective to store energy in batteries and use the electricity when you need it. A hybrid storage inverter is a mandatory requirement to use any form of battery storage. Hybrid storage inverters are wired with more inputs and outputs than a standard string inverter and can be managed remotely via software on your smartphone. For more information on hybrid storage inverters and how they work with battery storage please visit the battery storage area of our website. 


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