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Solar DC Cable 4mm

4mm DC solar cable is a type of cable specifically used in connecting together solar systems. There are multiple strands of copper wires entwined together and protected by UV-resistant and weather resistant sheathing (cross linked polyethylene XLPE material).

Our 4mm solar PV cable is single core and a fully MCS certified cable tested to the highest safety and performance standards. The cable is used to connect solar panels to grid-tied inverters, hybrid solar inverters and in some cases batteries. Therefore, solar pv cable is essential to wire a full solar array and will always be needed for an installation.

We stock 4mm DC solar cable in 3 different sizes: 50m 4mm DC Cable, 100m 4mm DC Cable and 500m 4mm DC Cable.

In order to connect DC solar cable to solar components you may need MC4 connectors which we also stock. Find out more about our MC4 connectors here.

TIP: Remember when choosing your size of DC cable to look at the maximum amount of current the cable can take without overheating. Specifically look at the temperature of the installation site and the temperature of the cable itself!

Solar DC Cable 6mm

6mm DC solar cable is a type of cable used to connect solar systems together, just like 4mm DC Cable. There are multiple strands of copper wires protected in a UV-resistant and weather-resistant XLPE sheathing.

Operating in the same way as 4mm DC cable the 6mm DC solar cable connects the solar PV panels to inverters and in some cases, solar batteries. Our 6mm solar cable is single core which is the most popular type of solar cable in the UK.

6mm solar cable has a higher current carrying capacity than 4mm solar cable meaning it can handle higher electrical current without overheating or causing damage to some components in the solar array.

Our DC cable is designed to withstand strong weather conditions and therefore perfect for outdoor wiring connections, as you would expect for solar installations. The single core solar cable is easier to install than multi core dc cables because they have a smaller diameter making it easier to route and connect the cable. Our 6mm DC Cable has a current rating of between 55A which makes it suitable for the vast majority of solar connections for either domestic or industrial solar installations.

TIP: 6mm solar cable works best when running cable over large distances. This is because longer runs of cable have a higher electrical resistance, meaning the current is higher. Choose cable with an amp rating 25% above the current load as a rule of thumb!

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Solar DC Cable

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