AC and DC Isolators

LED Solar dedicated solar specialists and stockists of AC and DC Isolators for your solar installation.

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AC Isolators (20A, 32A, 63A, 100A)

AC rotary isolators for solar are mandatory safety switches which manually disconnect DC current from your solar system when required. AC isolator switches are located near to your solar panels on your roof and close to the DC end of your solar inverter. This allows for panels to be manually disconnected from either the property floor or the roof when shutting the system down and carrying out maintenance. The amount of rotary isolators needed roughly depends on the size of the system and the specification of your grid tied or hybrid inverter – such as how many MPPT the inverter has.

All our AC rotary isolators are IP66 or above, meaning they protect from moderate water contact and dust. They are fully suitable for locating in a closet, loft or garage. We stock both Scame isolators and British General isolators in 20A, 32A, 63A and 100A to safely isolate any size of solar array. These isolators are all 4 pole isolators (TP + N) and fully adhere to all the latest UK regulations and standards for rotary AC isolators.

DC Isolators (16A-450V, 15A-800V)

Our DC isolators for solar are a key component in a solar system and a mandatory requirement for all solar installations. A DC isolator allows you to safely disconnect a solar array when carrying out maintenance. BS 7671 regulation requires indicates a method of isolation must be included on the DC side of solar system and can be classified as a disconnector or DC isolator. LED Solar & Battery Storage offer 2 DC isolators from world leading manufacturer Scame: 400V (16A) 4 Pole DC isolator and 800V (15A) 4 Pole DC isolator. Both isolators are IP65 rated and are MCS approved isolators. Our 450V isolator is 4 poles in series and our 800V isolator is 3 poles in series.

TIP: When selecting the correct DC isolator you must consider the size you need. The rated operational voltage of the DC isolator should be equal or greater than that of the solar system requirement. As a rule of thumb for single phase solar inverters (grid tied) the system voltage is up to 600V. Three phase solar inverters can be up to 1500V and require bigger isolators.

You must also note the number of strings from the inverter you must isolate. This will determine the size and number of DC isolators you will need.

Finally, you must also look at the rated current and voltage of the solar panels you are using. DC isolators should be chosen based off the total maximum voltage and current of the panel string.

Speak to us today if you require support for which DC isolator you will need for your solar installation.

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AC and DC isolators
ac and dc isolators

Our Solar Panels

Our solar panels are provided by Risen Solar, one of the World’s leading solar panel manufacturers. Both panels we provide are fully MCS approved, have market leading efficiency ratings, come with a 15-year manufacturer warranty and perform excellently in shaded environments – ideal for the UK weather. Get in touch today to secure your stock or get further advice from our dedicated solar team. 

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