Solar Accessories

Every solar PV or battery storage installation needs additional electrical products for the solar array to operate safely and efficiently. Every solar project is slightly different and may require a different list of solar accessories to connect and commission successfully. LED Solar & Battery Storage hold stock of all the solar ancillaries you will need to complete your installation.

We stock the most trusted solar accessory brands on the market including:

  • Single Phase and Three Phase MID Approved Meters
  • Solar DC Cable 4mm and 6mm in 50m, 100m and 500m drums
  • AC Rotary isolators 4 Pole (20A, 32A, 63A, 100A)
  • DC Rotary isolators 4 Pole (450V and 800V)
  • MC4 Connectors (Male and Female)
  • Solar PV Warning Labels
  • Battery Cable Leads (Inverter to battery cable packs and battery to battery cable packs)
  • Battery Isolators and Fuses (100A, 240A)

Single Phase and Three Phase MID Approved Generation Meters


We stock both single phase and three phase MID approved generation meters which accurately record to MCS standards the total power output your solar array is generating.

Our single phase 100A meter is compact, easy to install and has an easy to read display which is available with a short or extended cover. This solar meter allows you to easily scroll by date, time kWh consumed and recordings by date. The meter’s internal battery allows the end user to access data even when supply to the meter isn’t live. The meter is fully MID approved and can be used for both billing and measuring consumption – ideal for homeowners and landlords. The meter comes with a security kit to prevent tampering and also includes 4 meter collars to secure tails to the meter easily and prevent unwanted access to the terminals.


Our three phase MID approved meter is a 100A supply meter measuring active energy in kWh across a large LCD display screen.

This meter is suitable for a wide range of applications from monitoring of energy to billing functionalities. This meter is accurate to MCS standards and is a Class B meter which is accurate to a variation of 1%. The meter can measure up to 100A and has a pulse output that can provide data for collection by energy companies or an AMR data logger. The meter is fully wall mounted and comes with a protective cover. All meters already come tamper proof.

Solar DC Cable (4mm and 6mm)

Solar DC Cable 4mm

4mm DC solar cable is a type of cable specifically used in connecting together solar systems. There are multiple strands of copper wires entwined together and protected by UV-resistant and weather resistant sheathing (cross linked polyethylene XLPE material).

Our 4mm solar PV cable is single core and a fully MCS certified cable tested to the highest safety and performance standards. The cable is used to connect solar panels to grid-tied inverters, hybrid solar inverters and in some cases batteries. Therefore, solar pv cable is essential to wire a full solar array and will always be needed for an installation.

We stock 4mm DC solar cable in 3 different sizes: 50m 4mm DC Cable, 100m 4mm DC Cable and 500m 4mm DC Cable.

In order to connect DC solar cable to solar components you may need MC4 connectors which we also stock. Find out more about our MC4 connectors here.

TIP: Remember when choosing your size of DC cable to look at the maximum amount of current the cable can take without overheating. Specifically look at the temperature of the installation site and the temperature of the cable itself!

Solar DC Cable 6mm

6mm DC solar cable is a type of cable used to connect solar systems together, just like 4mm DC Cable. There are multiple strands of copper wires protected in a UV-resistant and weather-resistant XLPE sheathing.

Operating in the same way as 4mm DC cable the 6mm DC solar cable connects the solar PV panels to inverters and in some cases, solar batteries. Our 6mm solar cable is single core which is the most popular type of solar cable in the UK.

6mm solar cable has a higher current carrying capacity than 4mm solar cable meaning it can handle higher electrical current without overheating or causing damage to some components in the solar array.

Our DC cable is designed to withstand strong weather conditions and therefore perfect for outdoor wiring connections, as you would expect for solar installations. The single core solar cable is easier to install than multi core dc cables because they have a smaller diameter making it easier to route and connect the cable. Our 6mm DC Cable has a current rating of between 55A which makes it suitable for the vast majority of solar connections for either domestic or industrial solar installations.

TIP: 6mm solar cable works best when running cable over large distances. This is because longer runs of cable have a higher electrical resistance, meaning the current is higher. Choose cable with an amp rating 25% above the current load as a rule of thumb!

Solar DC Cable

AC and DC Isolators

AC Isolators (20A, 32A, 63A, 100A)

AC rotary isolators for solar are mandatory safety switches which manually disconnect DC current from your solar system when required. AC isolator switches are located near to your solar panels on your roof and close to the DC end of your solar inverter. This allows for panels to be manually disconnected from either the property floor or the roof when shutting the system down and carrying out maintenance. The amount of rotary isolators needed roughly depends on the size of the system and the specification of your grid tied or hybrid inverter – such as how many MPPT the inverter has.

All our AC rotary isolators are IP66 or above, meaning they protect from moderate water contact and dust. They are fully suitable for locating in a closet, loft or garage. We stock both Scame isolators and British General isolators in 20A, 32A, 63A and 100A to safely isolate any size of solar array. These isolators are all 4 pole isolators (TP + N) and fully adhere to all the latest UK regulations and standards for rotary AC isolators.

DC Isolators (16A-450V, 15A-800V)

Our DC isolators for solar are a key component in a solar system and a mandatory requirement for all solar installations. A DC isolator allows you to safely disconnect a solar array when carrying out maintenance. BS 7671 regulation requires indicates a method of isolation must be included on the DC side of solar system and can be classified as a disconnector or DC isolator. LED Solar & Battery Storage offer 2 DC isolators from world leading manufacturer Scame: 400V (16A) 4 Pole DC isolator and 800V (15A) 4 Pole DC isolator. Both isolators are IP65 rated and are MCS approved isolators. Our 450V isolator is 4 poles in series and our 800V isolator is 3 poles in series.

TIP: When selecting the correct DC isolator you must consider the size you need. The rated operational voltage of the DC isolator should be equal or greater than that of the solar system requirement. As a rule of thumb for single phase solar inverters (grid tied) the system voltage is up to 600V. Three phase solar inverters can be up to 1500V and require bigger isolators.

You must also note the number of strings from the inverter you must isolate. This will determine the size and number of DC isolators you will need.

Finally, you must also look at the rated current and voltage of the solar panels you are using. DC isolators should be chosen based off the total maximum voltage and current of the panel string.

Speak to us today if you require support for which DC isolator you will need for your solar installation.

MC4 Connectors

MC4 Connectors

MC4 Connectors are included on most solar panels and can also be bought separately. MC4 Connectors have both a male MC4 and a female MC4 which are both needed for solar installations to connect together.

MC4 Connectors located on the solar panel will have a positive and negative wires attached to them. Generally speaking the male MC4 will be the positive wire and the female MC4 will be the negative. However, it is always recommended to test this first with an approved multimeter.

When connecting solar DC cable to the MC4s on your solar panel you will need to connect the male MC4 on the panel to a female MC4 you’ve bought separately. When connecting MC4 to MC4 you will need the metal connectors that come with your MC4s.

Our MC4 suppliers are leading manufacturers in the electrical connector industry. SMA and Elkay are both UK based manufacturers. Our MC4 connectors are all IP67 rated, UV stabilised, flame retardant and support 4mm and 6mm solar dc cable. Our MC4 connectors meet the requirement of IEC 62852.

TOP TIP: The metal connectors must be crimped on to your stripped DC cable using an approved crimping tool.

Battery to Battery Cable Leads and Inverter to Battery Cable Leads

Battery to Battery Cable Leads and Inverter to Battery Cable Leads

LED Solar stock both inverter to battery cables and battery to battery cables needed when installing a hybrid inverter and batteries to your solar system. If you are connecting more than 1 battery to your solar system you will need a battery to battery cable. Our battery to battery cables come with both positive and negative cables, a data cable and the necessary connectors which fit the Sunsynk IP65 battery. These cables are IP65 and UV stabilised.

Our battery to inverter cable packs come with 2 x 2m of tri rated 25mm cable in black and red, 2 amphenol 25mm connectors and 2 25mm cable lugs with a 10mm hole. These components allow you to fully connect a Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter with a Sunsynk IP65 battery. The flexibility of having 2m of cable allows you to position your inverter and battery far away from each other which is ideal for certain spaces.

Battery Isolators and Fuses

Battery Isolators and Fuses

If you are thinking of having solar batteries as part of your solar system then it is a requirement for your electrician to use a correctly rated battery isolator. Battery isolators provide a secure and robust disconnection point for isolating high voltage batteries. Our battery isolators come with fuses and provide protection between the inverter and batteries. The isolator (disconnector) will help you to isolate the batteries from the inverter avoiding any risk of electric shock. Each battery isolator needs 2 fuses correctly rated connected within the enclosure. When looking at sizing batteries you must look at the max current from your batteries and apply appropriate safety factors.

We stock both 100A and 160A fuses and battery isolators which go with these fuses. Our battery isolators are easy to use and install, DIN rail mountable, compact and durable. Please also consider the need for correctly sized electrical lug connectors for the battery isolator terminals and the necessary cable size needed to complete your installation. LED Solar can advise on what electrical accessories you need.

Solar PV Warning Labels

Solar PV Warning Labels

Solar PV warning labels are a mandatory requirement for all installers to use when marking up your solar components before completing the commissioning of your system. Necessary safety measures like solar labels can save lives and therefore must be done correctly. LED Solar stock all the labels you will need in either sheet or roll format for ease of use.

Our labels include but are not limited to those wanting to display solar PV on roof labels, AC isolator labels, DC isolator labels, DC cable warning labels, dual supply warning labels and danger of live during daylight labels.

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