EV Accessories


LED EV can supply all the ancillaries needed to complete any EV job. 

When it comes to EV charging for the home, your workplace or public charging there will always be additional accessories needed to complete your installation. 


Accessories Supplied

LED EV stocks charging cables for single and three-phase EV chargers, EV testing kits, EV protective barriers, EV ground mounts and PEN earthing devices all at competitive prices. As well as EV charging accessories, we can supply any other materials needed to complete an installation.

Other materials needed to complete an installation could be consumer units, garage units, three-phase distribution boards, RCDs, RCBOs, CT clamps for load monitoring, armoured cable, EV cable, flexible tails and a variety of indoor and external glands. We stock all of the above across our three stores. 

Call 01282 677202 during office hours to speak to our EV specialist.


Bespoke Opportunities

LED EV can offer bespoke branding opportunities with certain EV charge points to personalise them with company logos or colours. This is ideal for businesses or local authorities wanting to promote their brand to potential customers or visitors. Contact us today to understand how you can make the most of EV branding. 

Workplace EV Charging
EV Home Charging


Whilst we do not install EV chargers ourselves we have a number of trusted OZEV-approved installers with a long history of EV installs that we can recommend to you. If you are based in the North of England please enquire today if you require help identifying a trusted EV installer near you.

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EV Back Office Management

Many EV charge point manufacturers offer back-office management support to report on charge point use, energy use and CO2 impact. There are different levels of support available and can be tailored to suit the operator. The ability to control and monitor multiple workplace or public charge points for example will likely require different back office management solutions to that of a home owner. LED EV is here to advise you on the ideal back office management solution for you. We have a wealth of knowledge of EV software solutions and can provide you with access to training from leading manufacturers if needed. Features of back office management systems can include:

  • Load Balancing for multiple users at once
  • Customisable tariffs to generate revenue
  • Live revenue and energy reports 
  • Remote charging and cable locking
  • Payroll integration for businesses