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LED Electrical has been advising businesses, local authorities and the general public on ev charges and the many options available since electric vehicles came to the market.

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As a member of ANEW, the UK’s largest independent electrical wholesale buying group, LED Electrical can compete on price across a wide selection of market-leading ev chargers including ProjectEV, Wallbox, SyncEV and MyEnergi.

LED EV can offer a full end-to-end solution for electric vehicle installations. We can assist you in applying for government grants and put you in touch with OZEV-approved installers.

We can also supply you with all other electrical equipment needed for your installation such as garage units, RCBO’s, cable and load management kits.

We have a team of EV specialists with a rich knowledge of EV charging for every location and budget. Our team are on-hand to deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions for all your home, commercial and public-facing charging needs.


EV Charges for Home

We stock many domestic chargers from the UK’s leading manufacturers ranging from 3.6kW to 7.4kW for single phase EV installations. We are here to advise on the right charger for you depending on your property type, budget and aesthetic preference.

If you’re looking for the right electric car charger for home us get in touch with our specialist EV team.

EV Home Charging

EV Charges for Business

LED EV have a wide range of commercial and workplace charging options ranging from 7kW chargers to superfast three-phase EV charging options rated 11kw and above. We understand each commercial installation is unique and we can advise on the most suitable and economical electric vehicle charger for your business needs.


Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS)

All our chargers are eligible for £350 Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS) grant of up to 40 sockets per site. We will be on hand to advise how to apply and receive your grant every step of the way. We have supplied many businesses around the UK with EV chargers that have helped them save money, provide additional support to employees and reduce the environmental footprint of their fleet vehicles.


EV Charging

We have a comprehensive range of public chargers that are perfect for local authorities and others wanting to use EV charging stations as a potential revenue stream. We can supply anything from on-street charging via lamp posts or bollards to durable units for customer facing environments such as restaurants, leisure centres, petrol forecourts, schools, universities and car parks.


Back Office Management

Many EV charge point manufacturers offer back-office management support to report on charge point use, energy use and CO2 impact. There are different levels of support available and can be tailored to suit the operator. The ability to control and monitor multiple workplace charge points or public charge points for example will likely require a different back-office management solution to that of a home owner. LED EV is here to advise you on the ideal back-office management solution for you. We have a wealth of knowledge of EV software solutions and can provide you with access to training from leading manufacturers if needed.

Features of back-office management systems can include:

  • Load Balancing
  • Customisable tariffs to generate revenue
  • Revenue and energy reports per employee/customer
  • Remote charging and cable locking

Our Suppliers


We only stock the UK’s most trusted EV charge point brands. We have established relationships with the industry leaders for both domestic and commercial needs. Together, we are committed to the future of sustainable transport solutions.