Distribution and Switchgear

LED Electrical stock many compliant switchgear and distribution products to help complete any installation for homes or businesses. 

Please enquire about the availability of MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, MCCBs, single and three-phase distribution boards, SPDs, AFDDs, din rail enclosures, garage units, isolator switches, energy generation meters and switched fuses. We stock hundreds of additional distribution and switchgear products that our experienced sales staff can source quickly and economically for you or your business.

What it is?

Distribution and Switchgear

Switchgear is an essential component of any electrical system giving complete control and protection to installers and those inside the property. Switchgear allows us to regulate, maintain and control electrical circuits and appliances safely. 

There are various different components in switchgear explained below. For a general understanding of what you may need for an electrical installation the bill of materials for switchgear should always come from an accredited electrician. 

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Our range of switchgear & distribution products

  • MCBs
  • RCDs
  • RCBOs
  • MCCBs
  • Consumer Units
  • Distribution Boards
  • Fuses
  • SPDs
  • Isolators



Consumer Units

The consumer unit powers all the circuits in your home and is made up from various components that include the mains switch, residual current devices (RCD) and circuit breakers. Every circuit in your home leads back to your consumer unit. You should always know where your consumer unit is located, the brand of consumer unit and the model number in case of emergency and if you need to replace components. All consumer units that LED Electrical stock are fully compliant with the latest electrical regulations meaning they are a metal-clad consumer unit, which prevents overheating. If a fire starts in a metal-clad consumer unit the risk of fire spreading is considerably less than a plastic one. Our consumer units also come with innovative busbar technology which allows for speed and ease of install for electricians working on consumer units. LED stock many brands of consumer units from leading electrical suppliers including Schneider, Eaton. Wylex and Click Elucian. If you have any questions about your home’s consumer unit then please do get in touch with our experienced sales staff today who can advise on new consumer units, replacement consumer units, replacement of components and relocation kits for consumer units.

Variety Stocked


Electrical overloading and short-circuiting can be an issue in electrical circuits and it’s a factor which is important to consider when installing a Miniature Circuit Breaker otherwise known as a MCB to prevent them from causing damage. When the current overflow is present in an MCB – the metallic strip will heat up and deflect by bending. The deflection of the metallic strip releases a latch which causes the MCB to turn off by stopping the current flow in the circuit.  We stock a variety of MCB brands to match your consumer unit or distribution board. Our MCBs are readily available and come in many amp ratings. We stock single phase MCBs, three phase MCBs, single pole MCBs, double pole MCBs, triple pole MCBs and four pole MCBs.



Residual current devices (RCDs) turn off the power immediately upon finding a fault in an electrical system. This is to prevent you from touching something live and getting an electric shock. RCD’s are Current wiring regulations state that all new or rewired homes must have RCD’s fitted in the consumer unit or a portable RCD.

You can also get socket outlet RCDs which replace your normal socket, and has a built in RCD, providing protection for those using the appliance plugged in. LED stock many different brands and types of RCD’s so please do get in touch to understand stock levels or for any advice regarding residual current devices.



RCBOs (Residual Current Devices with Overcurrent Protection) are used in properties to protect against electric shock and the possibility of fires. 

They sense when there is an imbalance in the current flowing through an electrical circuit and shut off the power before any damage can be done. Our RCBOs come in different amp ratings as standard and we stock RCBOs rated at A through to D. If you are unsure which RCBO you need then please either call our internal sales teams or follow the latest regulations depending on the type of installation you are carrying out.


Differences between an RCBO and an RCD 

RCDs protect at least 5 circuits. If an RCD picks up an electrical fault on any of these circuits, it will trip and cut off the power to every circuit that it protects. An RCBO operates the same as an RCD, except it protects 1 individual circuit only. Your qualified electrician will be able to advise if an RCBO is better suited than an RCD for your installation. RCBO’s come rated in different amp sizes and different types depending on the desired level of sensitivity. If you need any further advice on what RCBOs we currently stock or what RCBO is right for you then please get in touch with our experienced sales team via the enquiry form below.

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