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LED Electrical has a wide selection of cutting edge security systems for your peace of mind.

Be updated on the latest in CCTV and security technologies by speaking to one of our sales staff today. We can advise you on the right security package needed for your property and the different levels of security available for peace of mind.


Safe & Secure

CCTV and security systems are an integral part of the home and workplace. LED Electrical has a wide selection of cutting-edge security systems such as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and monitors, door entry systems, door bells and fire detection solutions such as smoke alarms, fire alarms and emergency lighting options. 

We stock trusted UK-based brands such as ESP which is part of the Scolmore group giving you the confidence that we will provide the right security product to keep your home or workplace safe and secure. 

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CCTV Systems

To provide you with the right level of security for a domestic or commercial building then, selecting the right CCTV system is crucial. LED Electrical stocks both digital and analogue CCTV systems and wired and wireless CCTV systems. With most security systems we stock, the products are fully compatible with smartphones allowing you to view video footage remotely. Having a wireless CCTV camera and CCTV system means less installation time and the ability to install in remote locations. We ensure that the suppliers we work with have a market leading aftersales team to allow you to understand more about your system as you use it. 

Hugely Popular

Smart Doorbells

LED stock smart doorbells that are fully compatible with all smartphones and allow you to answer the door to your home or business remotely. Our smart doorbells allow the user to view 1080p live HD views of your video footage and have long-lasting battery life (up to 750 activations on a full charge). All doorbells have built-in PIRs that detect motion up to 4m away. Doorbell settings can be altered remotely to reduce notifications for disturbances.


Deter Potential Burglars

Security Lighting

Security lights help to deter potential burglars and anti-social behaviour by detecting the movement and heat of people within a specified distance. We stock a range of security lights and floodlights from leading manufacturers such as Aurora and Luceco lighting. Most security lights come with a fitted PIR for motion detection and come in different wattages depending on how much brightness you want to omit. Our security lights are programmable to be set between certain times to avoid unnecessary omittance. LED have an in-house lighting designer who can advise on the best type of security light for your home or business and what power rating your light needs to be to cover the area needed.  

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Data and CCTV products

  • CCTV Data Loggers
  • HD Door Cameras
  • Internal Cameras  
  • External Cameras
  • Patch Panels
  • High Speed Dome Cameras
  • Vandal Resistant Cameras
  • Data Cabinets
  • Infra Red Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders


Our Suppliers

About the Manufacturer

For more than 20 years ESP has been developing and supplying security related products to the UK electrical industry. As a leading safety and security product specialist, the company offers a comprehensive range of electronic security and fire detection solutions to meet the requirements of installers and contractors. The range includes CCTV, Access Control, Video Door Entry and a growing collection of conventional and addressable fire protection products.