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A heat pump unit is like an air conditioning motor unit. Inside the box, there is a large electric fan, which draws in air from the outside. Once the air has been drawn in, it goes through an evaporator which contains a CFC-free refrigerant and then this is used to create the cooling or heating energy for your home or business.

Heat Pumps come in two types, air to water, which can also supply hot water to your home, or air to air, which gives you heat or cool air from a fan.

Please note we are not the installer but your one-to-one solutions provider for all things to do with an air source heat pump.

Why Heat Pumps?

Solutions that Suit

A Greener Option

Whilst air source heat pumps do use electricity, they don’t use as much as other heating or cooling methods and are therefore a more sustainable and economic option ultimately lowering your energy bills.

We Can Advise You

There are a number of heat pump solutions available depending on the type of heating and cooling required and the space you have available for your project. LED Climate Solutions have years of experience and can help you every step of the way from design through to delivery of materials and recommending certified FGAS installers near you. If you have any queries regarding what type of air source heat pump is best for your home or business please get in touch with our highly experienced sales team using the contact form below.


Grants and Subsidies

Stay ahead of the latest legislation by speaking to one of our specialists today. We can recommend MCS and FGAS accredited installers, who can apply for the latest grants and subsidies on your behalf to ensure your next project is as cost-efficient as it is environmentally efficient. Subscribe to our newsletter today to be notified of the latest grant and subsidy opportunities for your properties or businesses. 

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