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LED Climate Solutions

LED Climate Solutions are the official distributor for Hitachi Heating and Cooling in the UK.

LED Climate Solutions also offer a full pre-sales design service for all your air conditioning projects and provide you with a full data-led energy report making your installation and tender a more straightforward process from start to finish.

LED Climate Solutions

A specialist team with years of experience in the air conditioning industry

We understand that buildings are not constructed identically and this makes air conditioning design and supply unique to each project. We survey every enquiry for free to give you confidence that you are selecting the most economic and efficient system for your projects. We have long-standing relationships with numerous FGAS accredited installers who we work alongside and can put you in touch with responsible installers to help you complete your projects.

Choose LED Climate Solutions for a wide range of air conditioning and heating products and services at highly competitive prices. Our sales team have years of experience in the industry and are known for our comprehensive project support from start to finish.

Please note we are not the installer but your one-to-one solutions provider for all things air conditioning.

Call 07480 608880 during office hours to speak to our climate solutions specialist.


Refcom Elite Supplier

Our official Refcom Elite Supplier status gives our customers peace of mind. We are required to achieve the environmental objective of the F-Gas regulations and are assessed against their voluntary code of conduct. It also ensures that we only sell pre-charged split systems to end users who have provided evidence of installation credentials.

This affiliation is designed to protect end users from breakdowns and reduce the amount of refrigerant gas which leaks into the atmosphere from incorrect installation. Buying from LED Climate Solutions with the Refcom accreditation ensures that installations are carried out correctly, the correct products are supplied and the environmental impact is reduced.



Whilst we do not install EV chargers ourselves we have a number of trusted OZEV-approved installers with a long history of EV installs that we can recommend to you. If you are based in the North of England please enquire today if you require help identifying a trusted EV installer near you.

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Cutting Edge Products

Steeped in Japanese tradition and propelled by constant innovation, Hitachi offers cutting-edge air conditioning and heating products to provide solutions that foster comfort, efficiency and reliability in all projects.

In the UK we spend over 90% of our lives indoors and these environments should be a place of comfort. Hitachi offers a wide range of air conditioning and heating solutions for many different needs including both domestic and commercial air conditioning. Hitachi air conditioning units are reliable, high quality and competitive for many need states.