LED Electrical are affiliated with the leading electrical wholesale organisations which enable us to have competitive pricing across a wide range of electrical goods with leading manufacturers and pass the benefits onto you, our customers. We are also considered an elite REFCOM supplier showing our internal expertise in the HVAC and Air Source Heat Pump industry. We are committed to the highest standards set by industry regulatory bodies and our elite supplier status exemplifies this.

ANEW Members

ANEW affiliated

We are a founding member of ANEW (Associated National Electrical Wholesalers), the UK’s largest independent electrical wholesale buying group. With a focus on increasing our purchasing power and establishing relationships with world-leading electrical manufacturers, we continue to maintain exceptional service for our customers. Being affiliated with ANEW has allowed LED Electrical to compete with the UK’s biggest national electrical wholesalers across all product groups. 

IMELCO Affiliated

IMELCO affiliated

IMELCO is the largest international marketing group of independent electrical wholesalers. Established over 30 years ago, IMELCO brings businesses together to enable the exchange of knowledge and works towards a shared framework between members based off best practice across the industry. LED Electrical has benefitted from market insights in the electrical wholesale industry across different countries to apply to our own business within the UK. 

EDA Affiliated

EDA affiliated

LED Electrical is a long-standing member of The Electrical Distributors Association. The EDA was founded in 1914 and is the trade association for all electrical wholesale distributors in the UK. The EDA supports and represents UK wholesalers with establishing relationships with manufacturers and electricians. The EDA supports wholesalers with knowledge sharing, training of apprentices, increased publicity and exposure and digital training for eCommerce and marketing.

REFCOM Members

Refcom affiliated

Refcom is a voluntary best practice certification body that ensures that suppliers of refrigerant products supply in a responsible and controlled manner. Their guidance and expertise in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and our membership guarantees that we distribute climate control products in an industry approved and safe way for your peace of mind.