Advanced EV charging solutions

Wallbox aim to develop electric vehicle charging solutions to give you complete control when charging an electric car at home, work or in public. Their complete range of charging solutions gives users power over their consumption, spend and sustainability, redefining how they connect to the grid. Established in 2015 in Barcelona they now have customers in over 80 countries, work with the top automotive brands and have a wall full of industry innovation and technology awards to their name.

The Wallbox home charging range is convenient and stylish. Scheduling and charging insights give you control over when you charge your vehicle allowing you to take advantage of off peak tariffs and charge more efficiently. The Wallbox itself is designed to be sleek and stylish to complement the look of your home while being innovative and functional to make charging your electric car at home effortless.

In an evolving technological world, it is essential for businesses to continue to grow and adapt to the changing environment. The Wallbox solutions for business and workplace ev charging adapts to the specific requirements of your business and can grow with you with generic chargers for any vehicle and power up to 22kW.

The public charging range of products is ideal for councils, supermarket chains and hospitals who need ev charging solutions in public locations. Designed to fit a multitude of possible locations and with power from 60kW to 350kW the Wallbox public ev chargers have been created to work seamlessly for users and charge point operators.

For more information about Wallbox EV charging solutions contact our EV Specialists on 01282 677202 or contact us.

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