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In 2007 LED Solar was established to serve the increasing demand for both domestic and commercial solar systems.

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With the UK Government providing a competitive feed-in tariff to promote the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation, we created several important supplier relationships with solar panel and inverter manufacturers. In 2021 we saw a huge increase in demand for solar panels and battery storage solutions due to the unprecedented increase in wholesale energy costs.

Today, LED Solar serves customers across the UK with everything they need to create their own solar array and become as self-sufficient as possible. 

LED Solar provide all the materials needed to complete your solar system. We have 400W all-black and 455W silver frame panels from one of the world’s biggest solar manufacturers at our dedicated solar warehouse. Both panels are ideal for small to large-scale solar arrays and suitable for domestic and commercial sites.

LED Solar can supply both grid-tied and hybrid storage solar inverters depending on the type of installation you have.

If you want to incorporate solar battery storage to your system then hybrid inverters allow you to direct any solar energy generated to your batteries to be discharged when energy is cheapest. We stock single phase and three phase inverters from leading brands including Sunsynk and Solax.

We can provide solar batteries at a competitive price to complete any solar installation. Our lithium-ion batteries have one of the best efficiency ratings on the market.

We also stock comprehensive levels of mounting kits to suit any type of roof, such as slate, tiled, trapezoidal and flat roofs. Our team can help you understand how many lengths of rail, clamps and hooks you would need depending on the size of your solar array.

If you have any queries regarding solar power and how it can benefit you, please get in touch with our dedicated solar specialists on 01282 677202 today. 

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We only stock the UK’s most trusted EV charge point brands. We have established relationships with the industry leaders for both domestic and commercial needs. Together, we are committed to the future of sustainable transport solutions.